Call for Application

Young women for social change

A 13-days training workshop for females

15th to 26th October 2016

8:00 am - 4.00 pm


We are pleased to announce that transnational partnership “Young women for social change” consisted of Polish and Afghan non-profit organizations has designed a training on women’s empowerment, leadership and organizational skills. The course is intended for young Afghan female social leaders and volunteers / around 18-35/ who would like to strengthen their capacity in effective work for the development of local communities.

Learning Methods:

Active methods of non-formal and experiential learning - workshop, role-play, group discussions and case studies. Training will be run by women, experienced Polish leadership trainers with long record of trainings and working years in the international women’s movement.


Kabul, Afghanistan.


English with translation of Dari or Pashto.


To apply for this program please download the recruitment form from our website at ( click here ) or ( click here ) and submit your current CV and the completed recruitment form to

Application Deadline:

October 8, 2016 by 12 noon Kabul time.

The Program:

The training is divided into 3 parts/modules as follows:

15th October - introductory day, meeting with all participants and trainers

1. 16-18 October - Dare to lead! Kick off leadership workshop – this three day workshop will be dedicated to exploring our mentoring and leadership potential. We get there through powerful storytelling about ourselves and significant women in our lives. We’ll define our strengths, but also cultural and social barriers – and means we need to overcome them. We’ll discover learning by experience method to adjust and use with children and groups, as well as mentoring tools to use in work with women we want to empower. We’ll experience teamwork as a way through activism. By the end of the workshop we’ll prepare leadership development plan and discuss activism strategies to achieve the individual and common goals.

2. 19-20-22 October / Friday free/ We will get to know each other and share our stories and values. We will get to know and exchange our historical and cultural background and understanding of what it really means to be an active woman in Afghanistan. Analysis of individual, social and cultural barriers of women’s self-development as well as their involvement in public sphere. Discussion on the obstacles we want to combat and what means are needed in order to overcome them.

3. 23-25 October: By active learning we will study and raise key competences employed in daily work of community leader/ social activist working in non-partisan organization or non-formal group, such as project planning and management, networking and partnership cooperation, fundraising, organizational management, creative thinking, volunteering and leadership, time management.

4. 26th October - end of the training, summary of the training and learning outcomes. Certificates.

Selection criteria:

This program is designed for Afghan young females, between 18 to 35 years of age and college degree is preferred but not required. Any previous experience in voluntary/NGO work and women’s issues will be useful. English literacy is not required as the training will be translated into Dari / Pashto.

The Organizers:

This program is organized by the Active Women Association in partnership with, Shuhada organization, Ashna organization and Women Empowered Afghanistan within the frame of Erasmus+ Program.



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